The Forgotten Star by Gene PisasaleLafayette's Gold- The Lost Brandywine Treasure by Gene PisasaleAbandoned Address- The Secrets of Frick's Lock by Gene PisasaleVineyard Days by Gene Pisasale The Sanderson Museum by Gene Pisasale

Historical Novels & Lectures

Re-Discovering History... Bringing the Past to Life Through Insights Into Those Who Made It Happen

Triumphs and tragedies... epic battles and great discoveries... History is the story of mankind filled with human suffering and intense joy, shared with others through tales which can inspire us all to learn more and achieve a better understanding of the human condition.

I've had a lifelong fascination with history- why wars were fought, how people with determination overcame enormous odds and achieved great things. The fate of empires sometimes rested on the whims of one man, his mistress, his weaknesses and eccentricities. Unlocking the mysteries behind these events has been my passion- and in my novels I bring these epics to light through tales of action and adventure- mixing history with a fictional mystery- to relay a story that is both informative and fun to read. I hope my work gives you a heightened sense of these great men and women, their thoughts, their lives, the achievements which made them a part of history- and the story of us all...

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History Made Personal Series

Historical Fiction Mystery & Narratives by Gene Pisasale

The Forgotten Star- Historical Mystery NovelNew Release:
The Forgotten Star-

An historical mystery about the War of 1812 & the Star Spangled Banner more

Abandoned Address- The Secret of Frick's Lock- Historical Mystery NovelAbandoned Address- The Secret of Frick's Lockmore

Lafayette's Gold- The Lost Brandywine Treasure- Historical Mystery NovelLafayette's Gold-
The Lost Brandywine Treasure

Vineyard Days- Historical Mystery Novel Vineyard Days more

Sanderson Museum- Tom Thompson Remembers - A NarrativeSanderson Museum- Tom Thompson Remembers

Gene Pisasale at Mount Rushmore with General Washington (portrayed by Carl Closs)

Gene Pisasale at Mount Rushmore with General Washington (portrayed by Carl Closs)
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