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Vineyard Days is set in the world-famous playground of the rich during the dog days of the 2008 market crash. It’s where Jim and Natalie are expecting to spend a relaxing, uneventful vacation in Edgartown – with stops at Moshup Beach, Chappaquiddick and Menemsha… but all that changes when police discover a bizarre double murder aboard a multimillion-dollar yacht.

Soon the couple find themselves drawn into an investigation that includes a wealthy businessman with ties to Wall Street and the Mafia. Jim gets his hands on a mysterious satchel which washed up on the beach and belonged to one of the deceased, drawing interest from a potentially sinister Vineyard visitor. The satchel may hold clues that could shed light not only on two people’s deaths, but also the financial contagion that is gripping markets around the world – if Jim can survive long enough to unlock its secrets.

Written by an investment professional, Vineyard Days crackles with insider quips and insight as it addresses the effect of collapsing giants like Lehman Bros. and AIG on the psyche of the elite. Its remarkably detailed portrait of Martha’s Vineyard will resonate with anyone who has ever populated the pristine beaches and tony shops, with action set in many local businesses such as Edgartown’s Seafood Shanty and Menemsha’s Beach Plum Inn.

Smart and savvy, Vineyard Days is a mystery novel about murder, fraud, greed, desire and the unknown lengths some will take to attain and keep money – even if it means dying for it.

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"There are worse things to lose than one's money. "Vineyard Days" is the story of murder in Martha's Vineyard set in the frenzy of last year's market collapse. But Jim and Martha soon find out there are those who have lost more than their fortune when a grisly double murder is found on a nearby yacht. Not how they expected to spend their vacation, they find themselves entwined in the investigation. "Vineyard Days" is a fine and well crafted story that uses recent events as creative fuel for the fire."
Midwest Book Review

"Jim and Natalie are on a vacation when they find a clue to a crime. What began as a relaxing vacation soon turned to danger. The Mafia, economic crash and a murder make this a chilling read. Gene Pisasale deftly takes the reader to Martha Vineyard. I felt as though I had actually walked along the surf and watched the sun set in a blaze of glory. Vineyard Days is an entertaining murder mystery. The combination of the setting and the plot captivated me. Pisasale uses actual places to bring this mystery to life. Vineyard Days is an entertaining read. Why not take a copy on your next vacation."
Readers Favorite "Book Reviews and Award Contest"

"Intrigue and murder collide with summer vacation in this fun read. Set in Martha's Vineyard, the trip takes the reader to the seashore and the smell of the ocean. In addition to the wonderful narration, tourist destination points and restaurants are pursued by the characters on their vacation. As the vacation unfolds, a parallel mystery develops with unexpected twists and turns. This wonderful read will have you planning your next beach vacation complete with oceanview. "
Easy Rider Review

Vineyard days is a spellbinding exploration of New England's best vacation destination. The main characters Jim and Natalie take a week off from their busy work schedules to enjoy some well earned "down time" on the island. Pisasale is a master of weaving Edgartown's rich whaling history, controversy swirling around the Chappaquiddick tragedy, the unique beauty of the island and the ebb and flow of island life into a masterful story. As Jim and Natalie explore island eateries, beaches and pathways, they slowly become caught in the web of a murder mystery. For those that need a nice diversion from the long shadows, short day lengths and cold weather this read should give you the fix you're looking for.
Pam Jackson Review

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